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Pre-Texts in Paraguay

The Development Institute (Instituto Desarrollo, ID) in Paraguay was awarded a USAID grant to strengthen Paraguayan higher education institutions to improve the rule of law, decrease corruption, and increase support for democracy. As part of this project, ID has partnered with Cultural Agents to use Pre-Texts as a training platform to establish a culture of accountability and creativity across Paraguayan organizations and rule of law institutions.

From May to September 2020, Cultural Agents, featuring Human Rights expert Marco Abarca, provided technical assistance and training to law school faculty and department chairs in Paraguay. Doris Sommer and Marco Abarca facilitated an online Pre-Texts workshop in July 2020. The workshop was the foundation for future Pre-Texts training in Paraguay. Read a report on the Pre-Texts workshops with ID here.

In December 2020, a mini Pre-Texts workshop facilitated by Doris Sommer was held and a second Pre-Texts training took place in February 2021. 

News: "Pre-Textos cambia el estilo de liderazgo hacia un estilo de facilitación donde todos participamos por igual"


On August 13, 2020, a webinar on Pre-Texts was organized by the nonprofit organization Paraguay Educa, "Taller de innovación pedagógica: Pre-textos, una metodología para estimular el aprendizaje, la creatividad y la ciudadanía." Doris Sommer facilitated a mini Pre-Texts workshop with the participation of José Molinas and Carmen Giménez, who shared their experiences with Pre-Texts from the workshops in July. 


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