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July 16

This week I was able to view the advancement of the different groups. First on monday i was in the IBBY Mexico Taller. This is one of their final weeks, they have been in training for about 3 weeks now and they were told to start looking into the end of the workshop and think about how they could then spread pre-texts to others.  It was really nice seeing their progress. Also we had a meeting on tuesday with a new Puebla group which is made up of teachers and they are a very special group. They are all really cordial to each other, they call each other “teacher” and they are also much more advanced in their professions than the other participants in the IBBy group. I feel as if it is taking them m0re time to understand the Pre-texts rhythm. They are very engaging, however I can tell that they probably havent been in a setting where they have had to relearn teaching strategies. I noticed this as everyone was super super eager to participate in their own lessons and activities. From what I have seen the activities they chose were a bit different, they werent trying to present totally different activities, however i believe they were trying to present an activity based on those we had already completed on the first day with doris. I then was able to have a meeting with people who are the leaders of Pretexs in mexico, Hortencia Chavez Reyna and Angeles Trujillo, both of which had done pretexts in mexico for a long time. It was particularly very impactful hearing Hortencia speak of her experiences presenting pretexts in Mexico

July 18 to 24

This week was very eventful, it was time for the planning of our pretext workshop for children to come into fruition. We met with the ibby adults this monday in which we told them that it would be our second to last meeting. they are now supposed to think of ways in which they are going to implement this in their own lives and different sectors. Unfortunately we were not able to meet with the puebla group because of their mandatory testing. the first meeting we had with the children was on tuesday. we read them chac mool and they were all fairly interested in the text besides it having been a bit too mature for them. the children were super interested in all the events, they even asked if we were gonna meet the following weekend. then on thursday the last day we met with them once again and did a dance and poetry exercise with them. they brought up very interesting unique points in the ramas. they were very happy about the meetings and subsequently asked if we are to have more meetings. we are speaking with different people to evaluate whether or not we should continue with these workshops and perhaps create more. 

July 23 to 30

During this week we had the opportunity to meet with the final participants of IBBy Mexico. It was the last meeting and we had a long talk about our takeaways from the pretexts methodology. The participants presented their ideas for how to implement this structure in their own lives and it was very nice to hear, we all encouraged each other and gave each other recommendations. I got sick, so i do not feel good, i feel very sick. We also organized o have meetings to create more children programs.