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Bana Almossa



Week of July 5

I was on the road, so I didn’t get to meet on Zoom with Esther on Monday. However, I gave her a status update on what I was doing (getting articles for the literature review). Turns out, there was some miscommunication and I just needed to read the one they had, not write a brand new one. We caught that, and I started finishing some pre-readings on past research done by the Shamiri Institute, and reviewing other pre-registrations they have done for their research trials. 

Week of July 12

I met with Esther on Monday, and I was assigned a task to complete the pre-registration form for the Pan African Clinical Trial Registry (PACTR). I appreciated the task because I learned more about how to register research and the requirements needed to do so. After I finished the pre-registration, I started working on a research questionnaire. I’m still getting more details about what I should include, so this will likely be something to do this week and next week.

Week of July 19

I was assigned a new task this week. I’m writing up a proposal introduction that will include previous literature and research on how Pre-Text-esque methods have been used. I started doing some research (the articles from a few weeks ago were about art and education, whereas now I need to write about art and therapy, specifically). I found a few articles, but had a lot of trouble accessing all of them. Some of the websites that hosted the papers were not accessible to Harvard students, so even though I was planning on reading many more articles, I had to cut down because of lack of access. I eventually found 11 articles that I could download/read the full article (this was by around Wednesday), and I started reading each. It takes me a while to read research papers, so I spent the rest of the week reading, and finished up some articles on the next Monday.

Week of July 26

I read the rest of the articles (I had around 2 left) on Monday, and then made an outline on Tuesday for the proposal. I was struggling with writing the paper on Tuesday, so I decided to take a break from it and write it on Wednesday. It took me a long time on Wednesday to actually start writing (I was stuck on how to start). Eventually, I got the first page written, and wrote a summary of most of the articles on Thursday. I’m finishing up the paper on Friday, and sending it to Esther and Tom by the end of the day.