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UNESCO recognizes Pre-Texts as “Education for Peace.”

PRE-TEXTS is pedagogical acupuncture. Low cost, high impact, it stimulates literacy, innovation, and citizenship, with a single prompt: Use a text as material to make art and reflect on the process.

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  • Indicator of development in all fields (economic, political, emotional, etc.).

  • Stimulates imagination in order to comprehend texts.

  • Inspires personal expression.

  • Engages a range of experiences at a safe distance.

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  • Starts with creativity, a universal human drive.

  • Depends on facts and critical reflection.

  • Requires reinterpretation of given material.

  • Develops best with a diversity of proposals.

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  • Derives from diversity as a source of pleasure.

  • Thrives on admiration of everyone for everyone.

  • Appreciates facts and critical reflections.

  • Recombines materials and experiences.