Pre-Texts at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
October 3, 2016  Bogotá, Colombia

Location: Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) Facilitator(s): Doris Sommer Text: “The Letters on the aesthetic education of man” (fragments) by Frederich Schiller Participants: Teachers, artists, students and members of the Department of Art at Universidad de Los Andes Description: On October 3, Professor Doris Sommer was visiting The Art History Deparment at Uniandes in

Pre-Texts in Universidad Complutense,  San Lorenzo de Escorial
July 11-15, 2016  San Lorenzo de Escorial, Spain

Location: University Complutense of Madrid, El Escorial summer courses. Text: Chapter XXXI. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Facilitator(s): Doris Sommer, Ana Parra, Borja Manero Participants: Mostly primary and high school teachers. Description: The Pre-Texts: Education, Creativity, and Citizenship course began with participants around the materials table creating their own books while one of the facilitators read

Pre-Texts at Museo Jumex, Mexico
May 11-13, 2016  City of México, México

Location: City of México, México Text: Balún Canan, Rosario Castellanos Facilitator(s): Doris Sommer, Hortencia Chávez Reyna, and Carla Fernández Implementation: During the exhibition “La Diseñadora Descalza: Un Taller Para Desaprender” Participants: Local and museum educators Description: During the three days of the Pre-Texts workshops, a group of local and museum educators met up at the Museo

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