PreTexters at UAdeC, Mexico. Closing of Spring 2016 Semester Activities

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila

Saltillo , Mexico

The event began at 10:30am and all the assistants participated. It started with a volunteer standing over the table of materials, reading Alice in Wonderland out loud. Multi-faculty teams joined in, achieving integration of students from various professions and studies.

They were given instructions and a time began to run. Twenty minutes of creation and rehearsal in order to begin the presentations inside the auditorium. During the activities enthusiasm was high and smiles invaded the environment. Making the event even more attractive to people who passed by, some of whom ended up staying.

Both Voroca Dávila and Lorena Medina gave speeches in gratitude to the participants and gave way to the artistic expressions. Talent and creativity overflowed these, and the audience was energized, participative, constantly applauding. Two groups of accounting changed their classes in order to assist the event. Afterwards, participants were invited to make a large circle and share their personal reflections with the question: “What did we do?”. With microphones in hand, they gave their comments in support, admiration, gratefulness, happiness, pride, and shared profound reflections. In the end, t-shirts with the new Pre-Texts logo were raffled and caused great hype. In order to win one of them, people competed by dancing, singing and reciting.


Voroca Dávila