Pre-Texts in Quibdó

Escuela Normal Superior de Quibdó

Quibdó , Colombia

In this opportunity we worked with the story “We have given the land” by Juan Rulfo, for its environmental theme, which allowed the group to go “by the branches” with questions and scientific research.With the simple methodology of Pre-texts the results are profound. We started from this challenging text to ask questions and simultaneously recall of popular Latin American practices such as “cordel literature” that consists of hanging the questions asked in the usual way from a clothesline. Inspired by the Northwest of Brazil where, in the absence of means of publication, population hangs poems on the ropes of hanging clothes.The group was then invited to create living statues to interpret a rhetorical figure and then reflect about the activity by asking “what did we do?”. This simple practice made explicit how art develops deep understanding, and admiration for other sensitive / creative teachers Learning through creativity is the reiterated comment among teachers. In this particular case teachers refer to the way in which the activities carried out so far, have recovered the playful spirit as a strategy of learning and art as a way to achieve permanent learning. Teachers have fun playing with literature as they develop their attention to detail and their interpretive ability.


Victoria Eugenia Mena Rodríguez