General Description



Pre-Texts Workshops train participants in the use of art making as a pedagogical tool to interpret texts. In general, the workshops consist of five sessions, each of which is approximately 3 hours in-length. Workshop participants work with one text throughout the duration of the workshop.

The first training session introduces teachers to Pre-Texts through their participation in model activities that are led by a Capacity Builder. These activities familiarize participants with the basic protocol of Pre-Texts and prepare them to develop and lead their own activities.

The subsequent four training sessions are devoted to teachers developing and sharing their own art-making activities with the group, giving them a chance to facilitate and to receive constructive criticism. The workshop helps teachers to learn the basic, malleable protocol of Pre-Texts and to consider how to design arts-based activities that could be incorporated into their current syllabi.

Although Pre-Texts principally trains teachers of all levels and socioeconomic contexts, it is also a valuable tool for youth workers, administrators, graduate students and others engaged with all processes of teaching and learning difficult texts.



Mini-Workshops are offered as a means to introduce potential collaborators to Pre-Texts as an effective approach to teaching. This workshop is one approximately 3-hour session that is led by a Capacity Builder, and mirrors the first day of a standard workshop.