Video: Pre-Texts in Quibdó (Colombia)
June 12, 2017

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This is the last version of the text regarding the workshop held in Quibdó, which was edited by Doris: “Afro-Latin America on STEAM is an ALARI (Afro-Latin American Research Institute at Hutchins Center) initiative to develop 21st century skills in Afrodescendent communities. In February 2017, the project launched in collaboration with Colombia’s Ministry of Environment and the Secretary of Education in Quibdó (Chocó). It was to train 20 teachers at the Escuela Normal Superior of Quibdó in Pre-Texts with an emphasis on STEAM, thanks to support from NEACOL. Pre-Texts is a simple pedagogical protocol for dealing with difficult texts, by using them as raw material for making art in any genre participants choose.

The first training session established the protocol: 1. Ask questions of the text; 2. Speculate about answers through a creative activity; 3. Ask “What did we do?” During the following 4 sessions, the teachers of diverse subjects took turns facilitating activities of their choice, all based on Juan Rulfo’s short story about ecological disaster, “They gave us Land.” Since then, the new facilitators have been implementing Pre-Texts in their classrooms (approximately 424 students), and several have begun to replicate the methodology with other teachers.”

Photo Credits: Ms. Leidy Córdoba (Pre-Texts Facilitator), I.E. Normal Superior School of Quibdó (Colombia), Highschool Students. March 21, 2017.

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