Resources & Bibliography


The resources below are all the materials we use and refer to during PRE-Texts workshops. We encourage trainers and practitioners to utilize the Pre-Texts resources for program implementation.


  1. Materials for Workshops
  2. Texts for Workshops
  3. Tobacco Factory Readers
  4. Literatura de Cordel
  5. Coahuila Report

Pre-Texts Manual for Facilitators

Pre-Texts Pocket Guide


Supporting Ideas, Literature, and Resources

      • Book: El Lector: A History of the Cigar Factory Reader by Araceli Tinajero
      • Article: Sound Check by John Schwartz, November 21, 2012
      • Article: Simon Says Don’t Use Flashcards by Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times, August 23, 2012
      • Article: Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud by Verlyn Klinkenborg, May 16, 2009
      • Leer (comprender y aprender) y escribir para comunicarse by Fernando Reimers y Jenny Eva Jacobsopen
      • Edutopia: What Works in Public Education – open
      • “Es más peligroso un pibe que piensa que un pibe que roba” – open
      • Education: Tackling the global crisis – Oxfam Report 2001 – open
      • Cardboard Citizens – open
      • Developing a High Standard of Culture for All, An Address to the Council of Elementary Principals Meeting, Boston, MA Public Schools, May 18, 1995 by Eric Oddleifson, Chairman CABCopen
      • Learning Through The Arts, Healey School – open
      • Arts Integration – open
      • Making Content Connections Through Arts Integration by Willona M. Sloan - open
      • Arts Integration in the Chicago Public Schools – open
      • Arts Integration Frameworks, Research & Practice, A Literature Review, April 2007 by Gail Burnaford PhD. with Sally Brown, James Doherty and H. James McLaughlin – open
      • Cartonera Projects Around the Worldopen
      • Research: “Resultados de la aplicación de la metodología Pre-Texts de Agentes Culturales de la Universidad de Harvard en la Universidad Autónoma de Cohauila”, Saltillo, México, June 2015 - spanish version - english version
      • Report from Pre-Texts at Schools Positivo, Brazil, December 2015 - open

Our Theory and Practice

    • PRE-Texts: Civic Literacy and Artistic Admiration by Doris Sommer - open
    • PRE-Texts: Make a Plan: Pre-Texts in Zimbabwe by Doris Sommer and Naseemah Mohamedopen