The Global Leaders Program meets Pre-Texts!

January 31, 2019

Second Annual Residence in Frutillar, Chile

From January 7 to 12, 40 Cohort Members of the 2019 Global Leaders Program (GLP) – motivated change-makers in community development through music representing 25 different nations – used a difficult, beautiful text as a vehicle for exploring the intersection of literacy, art, innovation, and citizenship. In the space of music education for social justice, an ever-growing movement that started in South America and that has now reached most regions of the world, music educators constantly consider ways of furthering their impact with underserved students. Pre-Texts offered GLP participants just that – by turning a difficult text, “The Agony of Rasu Niti” by José María Arguedas into an 18-century-style recitatif, a narrated musical improvisation, and other creative shapes, GLP participants experienced profound transferable lessons in creative and critical thinking, social innovation, and civic development; lessons that will resonate through different regions of the world, aiming to build crucial skills in underserved youth.

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