Afro-Colombian youth Leaders at Harvard

July 19, 2017

Photos by: María Paula García and Julian Serna

On Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1 a group of 20 high-school students from the remote Afro-Pacific area of Chocó in Colombia (South America) came to Harvard to participate in a workshop as part of Harvard's new Afro-Latin America on STEAM initiative, which aims to create innovative interventions in Latin America that combine Science & Engineering with the Arts & Humanities, with special emphasis placed on disadvantaged communities of African descent.

The high-school students came from 17 educational institutions located across Chocó. As beneficiaries of the program New Chocó's Leaders and Excellent Youth, the students had the opportunity to enhance their creativity and leadership through the protocol Pre-Texts.

The workshop was divided in 3 sessions in which the students experimented with an academic article titled, "Trajectory Options for Human Missions to Mars." Complementary to the workshop, youths visited the Hiphop Archive & Research Institutethe Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African & African American Artthe Harvard Art Museumsand theCollection of Historical Scientific Instruments.
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