Become a Facilitator

Cultural Agents offers the Pre-Texts training program in any part of the world for groups of 25 participants that belong to the same institution or community.

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Become a Facilitator

1. Training Workshops

Term: 1 week

 In five sessions, 25 participants are trained to use difficult texts as starting points for creativity and for reflection on the process of creative interpretation. The training lasts 15 hours (5 sessions of 3 hours) during which participants take turns as new facilitators. In the last session, participants bring personalized plans for implementing Pre-Texts, and “weavers” are chosen to coordinate the follow-up months. 

A Certificate of Participation is granted at the end of the series.

2. Follow up

Term: Approx. 3 months

  • Through the Pre-Texts online platform, new facilitators submit evidence of 15 hours of successful implementation.
  • Weavers convene weekly meetings among new facilitators.
3. Certification

Term: 2 weeks

  • Certification for teachers who:
  • Demonstrated 15 hours of successful implementation.
  • Attended the weekly weaver meetings.
  • Submitted evaluation data to the online platform.
  • Optional: Plan to replicate training workshops with new facilitators.