Pre-Texts Recipe & Outcomes


  • Gather 20-25 participants
  • Recycled stuff
  • Complex text, 2-5 pages (one you might hate)
  • All art forms and cultural practices

Mix for 15 hours.

Serves many.


  • Improve reading and writing skills.

  • Encourage critical and cognitive skills in relation to verbal reasoning, in both oral and written form.

  • Understand and establish dialogues with complex texts across diverse subjects.

  • Develop critical thinking.

  • Promote an education that intersects civic and academic matters.

  • Stimulate the ability to innovate.

  • Develop admiration for all.

What about training?

1. Training workshops

Term: 1 week

  • 25 participants are trained in the Pre-Texts methodology for 15 hours (5 sessions of 3 hours.)
  • Participants take turns as new facilitators.
  • In the last session, participants bring personalized plans for implementing Pre-Texts.
  • A “weaver” is elected to coordinate the follow-up months.
2. Follow up

Term: Approx. 3 months

  • Through the Pre-Texts online platform, new facilitators submit evidence of 15 hours of successful implementation.
  • Weavers convene weekly meetings among new facilitators.
3. Certification

Term: 2 weeks

Certification for teachers who:

  • Demonstrated 15 hours of successful implementation.
  • Attended the weekly weaver meetings.
  • Submitted evaluation data to the online platform.
  • Optional: Plan to replicate training workshops with new facilitators.