Come Play Pre-Texts: the Arts Interpret
September 18, 2017

Date: Wed - Fri, Sep 20 to Sep 22, 4:30pm - 7:30pm 
Location: Science Center, room 418D
Schedule: Sept 20, 21, 22, 4.30-7.30 pm
Instructor: Doris Sommer

We learn best when we play. Neuroscience today confirms what Dr. Winnecott discovered while treating disturbed children, and what Paolo Freire taught to democratize education: that pleasure and creativity are fundamental to development. So we invite you to play Pre-Texts! Simple yet profound, Pre-Texts is a pedagogical protocol that uses challenging texts as primary material for art-making. Between interpreting the material and reflecting on the process, creative and critical thinking develop together a virtuous cycle.  Among the results are enjoyment of diversity and admiration for other citizen/artists. Since pleasure is fundamental to cognitive and emotional growth, we can increase the scholastic and social capacity of young people by inviting them to use difficult texts – artistically, irreverently – just as great artists and thinkers have always done!


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