Voroca Davila

From a young age, Voroca (Veronica) Davila has dedicated part of her time to the visual arts, finding art to be a driving force for her life. As a member of the Asociación de la Plástica y Artes Visuales de Coahuila [Association of Visual Arts of Coahuila], which consists of more than 40 artists, she has participated in shows and exhibitions in different states of Mexico. She also has served as a strategic marketing consultant for different companies, developing strategic firms in China, Italy, the United States, and Canada. In addition, she served as the creator and Editorial Director of the magazine, CLAS, for three years, and acted in a managerial position as the Treasurer for the Organización de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionistas [Organization of Businesswomen and Female Professionals] from 2010-2013. She recently founded the workshop “Emociones Creativas” [Creative Emotions] for abused children, and serves as the coordinator and facilitator of Pre-Texts in northern Mexico.