Maria Paz Dominquez

María Paz Domínguez holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters of Education from Harvard University. She obtained a BA in Business Administration and Economics from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Between 2002‐2009, María Paz worked in the School of Economics at Universidad de Chile.

In Chile, she oversaw the implementation of nationwide education policies such as the National Board Certification of Teachers and textbook evaluation for the Ministry of Education. She has also worked with in‐service teachers in Spain and El Salvador. Her current initiatives focus on citizenship development; she has used a participatory approach to this end. Recently, she assisted municipal public schools in Santiago with defining and establishing their strategic objectives for the next six years. As an independent consultant she is committed to bringing Pre‐Texts to Chile. Along with Professor Doris Sommer she has facilitated numerous Pre‐Texts workshops and hopes that in 2015 Pre‐Texts will finally land on Chilean soil.