Innovation - Innovación -
Literacy - Lectoescritura -
Citizenship - Ciudadanía-
Pre-Texts is a simple protocol that trains trainers to ignite active reading. Students will tackle challenging texts the way good artists and intellectuals do, irreverently.
High-order literacy, innovation, and citizenship go hand-in-hand as Pre-Texts invites you to play with written work and then to reflect, “What did we do?”
Pre-Texts uses popular arts as vehicles to interpret any text, so that students have fun with difficult material. Sample our creative activities -- from Latin America and elsewhere -- and add your own favorites!

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Pre –Texts.

Citizenship - Ciudadanía-


  • Indicator of development levels in many fields (economical, political, phsycological).

  • Needs imagination to understand the text fully.

  • Inspires many points of view.

  • Acknowledges a range of lived experiences, without the criticism of being “wrong.”

Innovation - Innovación -


  • Requires many points of view.

  • Appreciates surprises and variety.

  • Recombines materials and experiences.

Literacy - Lectoescritura -


  • Thrives on admiration of everyone for everyone.

  • Shares information and reflections.

  • Diversity is an aesthetic pleasure; not an obligation.